Manager Overview


Manager accounting is a full feature accounting software. Very easy to understand and use.

The power of the cloud

The cloud lets you log in from any place at any time.

Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can access your accounting data from anywhere with a web-browser.
Share access with your team – so everyone has access to the same numbers at the same time whenever they need it. No downloads, nothing to install, no conflicting versions or files.
Accountants and bookkeepers can service you remotely when you allow access to your accounting data.
Add as many businesses as needed. All your data is automatically backed up.

Access Controlled

Your team will be able to access only modules and reports you select.

Sales team can prepare Sales Quotes or Sales Invoices without having access to any other part of the system.

Collection department can retrieve up to date Customer Statements and Aged Receivables report to follow up on overdue invoices.

Business associates can be given read-only access to all financial statements such as Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet without being exposed to all other modules and reports.


Still not convinced? 

Try a free Demo Business and see how it fit your business needs.

  • Do not add any personal info - This is open for anyone to use
  • This info will be cleaned weekly for users to test on a clean system
  • User: Demo
  • Psw: Demo12345@


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