Manage Business & Users How to..

This guide will help you to add additional businesses and add user to your account. It will also help you assign the users to the respective business with the access level as desired.

After you completed your registration and received the confirmation emails from the calldesk you can login to your account. Your first business and user is now created. You wiil now be presented with the screen below that allows you to control all the modules and users of your business/businesses. On the left hand side you have the navigation tabs to add additional business or add child user (eg. Sales person or accountant) that will have access to the business you assign him/her to.

In account details you can edit you personal account details by clicking "Edit Personal Details" and reset/change your password by clicking on "Edit Access Details"

Manage Business Users, you can add and remove users to your account. Complete the fields and submit to call desk and the user will be created. After the user have been created you will receive a confirmation mail from the admin. Now the user is created but not assigned to a business. You will receive a mail from the call desk with process to follow to grant access to the newly created user to a respective business/businesses. You can also edit the user details and password to the accounting application on this tab.

NOTE** The user you create will NOT have access to the website login. The user you create will only have to the Accounting Application and will be assigned to a business as per the logged request.

Manage Businesses. In this tab you can fill the field under "Add New Business" and select the modules you need for this new business. You can click submit and a new business will be created under your profile on the accounting application server. The main user will always have access to each new business created.

Assign new user to a business

To assign the newly created user to a business you need to go to the "Manage Businesses" tab. From there you will see your list of registed businesses under "List Of Businesses". Now you click on the "details" next to the desired business you want that user to have access to.

After you have clicked on "Details" for the selected business. You will now be presented with the screen below. In this windows you will see a list of modules active on your business. You can add or remove modules to add features needed for your business functions as your business evolves.

By clicking on the "Manage Business Users" tab you can assign a user to the selected business. Under the "Users" heading you can click the dropdown arrow that will give you the list of created users. Then you have the "Permitted action" where you assign access levels to that user. Below you have "Assigned Midules" selection where you can select which modules the user will have access to see when logged in to the accounting Application.

You can submit your change request on each window by clicking "Submit".

After logging in for the first time. Click on your user name top right corner of the screen and change your password to anything you would like it to be. Keep in mind to make your password secure by keeping to the following standard. At least 8 caracters, use letters and special caracters in your password.


How to use the Forum for support.

On the website there is a heading on top of the page "Forum". Online Business Manager will be able to answer all your question about your transactions and use of the application.

You need to be logged in to your account and then click on "Forum". You will the be presented with the screen below.


To start a new topic/discussion click on "Start Your Discussion" where you can give your discussion a topic and give a desciption of your problem or ask a question.


By Clicking on "Enquire US" you can send questions or request directly to the admin. This is an option for the case that you would not like your discussion to be public on the website. See Screen Shot below.

If you have more questions please visit our Forum and create a new discussion or submit a query to the Admin.