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How to bulk import Inventory and Customers

You will need to complete the spreadsheet as on the YouTube channel ...

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How do I access my Business

The website only functions as a calldesk for changes to your business, Creating a extra business you can manage in your account and creating users that will access or use your business with diff...

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How do I pay my supplier

Here is a tutorial video on how accounts payable work:

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How to import a electronic bank statement

Here is a link to importing a bank statement and assigning your transactions:

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How do I manufacture a product from existing inventory

Here is link on Manufacturing order video tutorial:

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Picking slip or delivery Note

Simply go and view the sales invoice, then click Read more..

How do I handle year end or new financial year?

 Don't open new business for new financial year. Manager is designed to handle multi-year data. Th...

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How do Bill time spend on project

Here is a tutorial video on how to bill time to customer:

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Where do I start now that I have access to my Business?

After you have access to your business you nee to setup your business details, logo and Base Currency.

You also need to set your Emal settings and email templates.

We have ...

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Accounts receivable tutorial video released

Here is the link to account receivable video:

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Number of Businesses

I would just like to know how many businesses I can register on my profile?

I am an Accountant and I would like to relocate all my clients to Online Business Manager.


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How do I create inventory items and add inventory

Here is a link on inventory tutorial video:

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How to do Payroll process

Hi here is a link to video tutorial on payroll

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